Roz Hinds

The lost of trusting your gut

The lost art of trusting your gut

You stand in front of the chocolate bar fixture agonizing over your decision. It’s a small decision to make but somehow you are momentarily paralysed, rooted to the spot by the notion that you might get this wrong. As the seconds tick by the feeling of pressure rises…you really might get this wrong! Of course […]

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Harnessing the New Year

Harnessing the ‘new year mentality’ to fuel 2018

Harnessing the ‘new year mentality’ to fuel 2018 (spoiler alert – it involves rest rather than treadmills) date: 28/12/17 10 min read Tis the season of NY resolution headlines.  They have dominated all of my social media feeds over the last couple of weeks and no doubt yours too.  Some are motivational and a bit shouty (live your intentions! set your goals! be the person you want to be! commit!). Some are gentle and acutely aware of […]

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